We have supplied blanket dryers to the UK's police force, countless riding stables and hundreds of private customers.

We have supplied blanket dryers to the UK's police force, countless riding stables and hundreds of private customers.

"... keeps my rugs in top condition for my horses. As well as prolonging the life of the rugs it also limits the number of rugs needed as wet rugs become a thing of the past! A must have for any tack room."

- William Fox-Pitt

"I just felt I had to drop you a note of praise. I telephoned today as my trusty 3 rail rug drier had stopped working. I spoke to a gentleman called Jason who was extremely helpful and gave me good advice and information. We have subsequently determined that the problem was due to a loose wire and not a broken element as feared. Jason also guided me to your website which has excellent information on how to change the element if and when necessary.

I have to say that it was a total pleasure to speak to a company offering 5 star customer service - something which sadly is so rare these days. Silly I know - but I put the phone down and felt almost euphoric as my expectation had been that I was likely to hear - "computer says no"!!!!!

- Ann - Lewes

"I have recently taken delivery of a Centaur horse rug dryer and I am delighted with it. It has been much admired by my equine friends and I am sure that you will be receiving enquiries from some of them. Congratulations on an excellent product!"

- Mrs Williams - Bucks

"I would just like to say how delighted I am with my Centaur rug dryer. I cannot tell you how wonderful it is not to have dripping-wet, muddy, smelly horse rugs drying in my utility room. It is most certainly one of the best purchases I have made. Mine had a baptism of fire for the first time as the rain had been pouring all day and the rugs were soaking. We set the timer from 4:00pm to 1:00am the following morning and hey presto -dry rugs waiting for us in the barn!"

- Liz - Lincoln

"I bought a six-rug dryer in the summer in a drought. Now it's raining, we now know how good it really is. We are extremely pleased!"

- Lorna - Devon

"“They are a lovely team and I have wanted to work with them for a while since I tried out one of the dryers. They come in different sizes and will dry 2, 4 or 6 rugs at a time depending on the model selected. They will all dry soaking wet rugs in just a few hours which is so useful as you can imagine for any of us! It’s also a great convenience for us on the yard as it saves time and cuts out waiting for days at a time for rugs to dry in cold and wet weather. Thank you for the opportunity Centaur “
Charlotte Dujardin

- Charlotte Dujardin OBE

""Just letting you know how thankful I am for the dryer! As we are coming out of winter I have finally washed all our blankets and with your dryer I must have washed and fully dried over 30 blankets in a day and a half! "
Scott Brash

- Scott Brash International Show Jumper

"After a soggy morning of riding really lucky to have my Centaur Heated Horse Rug Dryers to make sure all the Equilibrium Products Bucas gear is dry ready for tomorrow ‪#‎makesallthedifference"

- Sam Griffiths International event rider

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