Why Centaur?



The ORIGINAL AND BEST heated horse rug dryer on the market -designed to keep your horse warm, dry and happy.
Thousands of satisfied customers over 15 years are testament to the quality and reliability of our product.



Fast -Dries wet and damp rugs in just a few hours in the stable or tack room, employing a similar method to a heated towel rail.



Economical -A Centaur heated rug dryer will prolong the life of your rugs, blankets and clothing. It should more than pay for itself over a long rainy season..

Money saving calculator

Save your rugs

Protect your investment in horse rugs. You'll need fewer rugs when you invest in the Centaur rug dryer as with rugs dry everyday you'll only need one rug per horse, plus the lifespan of your rugs is greatly increased by careful, efficient drying.

Protect your rugs

Eliminates the need for using tumble driers, meaning your rugs' waterproof coating isn't damaged -as you know, having rugs re-proofed is expensive. The high temperatures of tumble dryers can also shrink horse rugs. Our product dries from the inside of the rug out, therefore not affecting the waterproofing.

A wise investment

The Centaur horse rug dryer can be used as an asset. If you run a stable or yard, offer your dryer to your customers, charging a small fee for the privilege. Or simply increase rental costs slightly to allow access to your dryer. You'll soon make your money back!


Helps prevent rot, dampness and mildew forming on other items of expensive tack and equipment when they're placed in the same room. By using the dryer in a small space, you're immediately turning it into a drying room. Hang up your boots, jodhpurs, waterproof clothing and camping equipment to dry nearby.

Fully mobile

The unit is extremely mobile and can be moved from barn to barn or wall-mounted to save floor space. The rug dryer comes with a wheeled base and is light in its design so it's incredibly easy to move around.

Durable design

The driers are made from high quality steel and are fully welded to withstand the harshest environments. In addition to this they have a tough powder coat paint finish. They are all manufactured in our ISO 9001:2008-certified premises here in the UK.

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